Termini e condizioni

The reservation can be made and concluded by e-mail, internet, at our contact details. The reservation is nominative, and as such is considered valid only for people whose personal data are indicated in the booking contract together with the type chosen, the dates of arrival and departure, the exact amount of the stay, the payment methods confirmation requests as well as cancellation conditions. The reservation will be considered effective only upon receipt of the full sum of the total amount of the stay.

Eventuali segnalazioni ricevute dai clienti in merito a preferenze di ubicazione del soggiorno, vengono trattate come tali, e non hanno carattere di assoluta garanzia, in quanto l’assegnazione avviene a discrezione della Reception. I dati anagrafici che fornirete in fase di prenotazione verranno utilizzati per emettere la ricevuta fiscale pari all’importo del soggiorno (importo pagato).

The customer who wishes to confirm the booking of a stay must proceed with the payment of the entire sum within the terms established in the estimate, according to the methods specified by our website or by our operators. Payments can be made by bank transfer. In the latter case, the debit operation is not contextual to the booking. Once the charge is successful, you will receive a definitive confirmation of payment via email. Failure to observe the payment terms constitutes an express termination clause such as to determine the legal termination of the contract. Failure to comply with the payment terms will result in the loss of the facilitated economic and ancillary conditions provided for it.
The payment of the amount of the stay, as well as any other accessory service for which immediate payment is not required, is allowed only during the opening hours of the Reception within the day before departure.
If the accommodation facility detects a difference in rate resulting from incorrect communication during the booking phase, the payment of the balance of the booking must be paid upon arrival directly at the Reception.

The Municipality of Capaccio Paestum requires non-residents to pay the tourist tax.

The accommodation rates shown in the price list, online and indicated in the confirmation, are inclusive of VAT. Should the tax change with respect to today’s rate of 10% and be higher, any difference can be paid directly on site at the Reception.

To access the campsite, you need the authorization of the Reception. Upon arrival, each guest must leave a valid identity document and register, is required to view the prices and conditions applied by the „La Tranquillità di Chicchirinella“ farm.

Upon registration, the customer will be given a pass necessary to enter and exit the structure to be returned upon departure.

Failure to comply with the regulation involves the immediate removal of the guest from the campsite at the sole discretion of the Reception. Upon arrival, the customer is required to inspect the evacuation routes, the rates in progress, the regulation of the modalities of stay, the office hours, and everything that may affect the life of the Chicchirinella Agricamping. If this is the case, entering the campsite constitutes full acceptance of the Residence Regulations.

Customers are allowed to receive guests inside the accommodation facility. Authorization for visitors to enter is at the complete discretion of the Reception, upon delivery of valid identity documents.

Minors are not allowed, unless they are accompanied by adults, who are obliged to monitor their conduct during their entire stay within the accommodation, responding to all legal effects towards the Management and third parties. The visitor is required to check the prices and conditions applied in the Chicchirinella farm on arrival.

The „visitor“ rate does not allow reductions based on the age of the guests and the duration of entry. For those wishing to get to know the structure, a visit is allowed, upon delivery of an identification document.

It is possible to book additional services for a supplement. The prices are indicated on the current price list.
CHECK-IN PITCH From 11.00 AM. The customer is obliged to occupy the pitch indicated by the Reception. The occupation of a pitch other than the one assigned is allowed only with the express authorization of the Reception, with the completion of a new registration procedure.

By 11.00 AM
The Late Check-out it is subject to availability with a relative supplement and must be requested at the Reception the day before departure.

It is calculated from any time on the day of arrival. Any extension of the stay can only take place with the authorization of the Reception, with a variation of the registration card.

At the time of departure, it is mandatory to stop at the exit and present the tax receipt to the staff.

Delayed arrival, or early departure, however, does not give rise to refunds of the total due, which will be calculated in any case on the basis of the arrival and departure dates indicated during the booking process. In the event of no-show (no-show) by 24.00 on the day following the scheduled one, those booked will lose, in the absence of notice, the rights deriving from the booking with consequent loss of the deposit.

The customer may at any time renounce the booking, by giving written notice to the Chicchirinella Agricamping by email or by telephone.
The cancellation involves the return by the Chicchirinella Farm of the sum paid by way of booking, to the following extent: Bank transfer of the entire amount booked no later than 3 days after the aforementioned booking.

The reservation is personal and cannot be transferred by the customer to third parties for any reason or title.