An oasis of peace and tranquility that expresses simplicity and belonging to the Cilento area.


A project strongly desired by Giuseppe Rizzo’s farm and born in the first months of 2020 which represents all the beauty of the unspoiled nature of Paestum.

Animal welfare is at the heart of the Chicchirinella project. The hens and geese, in particular, live by laying their eggs in absolute freedom, feeding only on organic products from our garden and everything that is offered to them by nature itself.

The production of meat and eggs takes place following organic methods and adopting the principle of outdoor farming. Animals follow a healthy diet consisting of vegetables and a mix of cereals in which there are natural components such as the protein concentrate of alfalfa and laminated flaxseed rich in Omega 3.

The use of quality feed allows to obtain meats and eggs with above-average nutritional properties, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, the so-called “good fats” essential for a balanced and nutritious diet.


Non saranno mai delle uova qualunque. Consegniamo a domicilio o presso l’allevamento.